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Water Bottle Filling Station at the Moraga Commons

The Moraga Community Foundation is excited to announce the funding and installation of a new water bottle filling station at the Moraga Commons Park. This is the first completion in a host of MCF projects which will be part of our broader Moraga Commons Enhancement Program. The water station replaced an aging fountain just outside the main Commons restroom and now adds the ability to refill water bottles with ease.

Also on the list of improvements for the Moraga Commons Enhancement Program are:

  • ADA Restroom upgrade (approved by the Town Council in 2018 with funding pledged by MCF at that time)
  • Financial support for the Town’s planned picnic area improvements near the All Access Playground
  • A new flagpole at the park entrance (long on the Town’s deferred maintenance list)
  • New tree planting in strategic areas at the Commons and West Commons Parks identified by the Moraga Parks & Recreation Department.
  • Targeted irrigation improvements in the Commons and West Commons Parks