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The Rheem Theatre

In 2015, when the Rheem Theatre operators first announced closure due to the high cost of rent, a group of Moraga residents got together and formed the Moraga Community Foundation- a non-profit organization with a mission to build a vibrant future for Moraga. Community ownership and preservation of the Rheem Theatre became one of the foundation’s driving goals. Over the ensuing years, the MCF has been supportive of the Theatre operators while looking for a path to achieve a long-term solution.

Ownership Status

The current owner of the Theatre owns the entire building as well as the open lot next to the Theatre. The properties have been for sale for many years. There is a desire to develop the open lot and over the years multiple design studies have been presented to the town.

Late last year the owner presented a new design to the town which would allow him to build a higher number of residential units. In a negotiation with town officials, the owner agreed to sell the Rheem Theatre and other parts of the building to the Moraga Community Foundation for $150,000 if the residential development passes all necessary town approvals. This Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.) was signed by both parties in March 2018.

It was also agreed that the owner would reduced the rent to $5,000 a month in the interim.

How did the Theatre’s re-opening happen?

With the reduced rent established by the M.O.U., the MCF signed a lease agreement with the building owner and a management agreement with the operators Derek Zemrak and Leonard Pirkle. The Theatre reopened on June 14 after a community cleanup effort and upgrades to the lobby, the office, the bathrooms and the kitchen area.

The two largest theatres are now open and showing films daily. In addition, there is one theatre upstairs available to the community for special rentals and events. If interested in renting the upstairs theatre please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is MCF doing now?

While the running of the Rheem Theatre is in the hands of the operators, the MCF is working on the overall building situation. Our goal is to make the Rheem Theatre a safe and clean place for the community to enjoy entertainment and community engagement.

A full ADA report has been conducted and the first improvements have been made.

We have brought many professionals to the theatre for inspection, evaluation, estimates and work. This includes: floors, doors, roof, heating and AC, cleaning and structural integrity.

Across the country, old movie theatres have become community assets - often owned by nonprofit organizations with the goal of serving the community, much like the MCF.

We believe that the Rheem Theatre is a unique landmark and should become a community asset. While it is currently still privately owned, we are working with the owner and the town to keep the doors open and to improve the “movie-going” experience.

How can you help?

Go to the movies!
Chose the Rheem Theatre when going out for a movie with friends or family – check to see what is playing.


Sign up for our MCF Theatre volunteer program and help for a couple hours at the theatre each week- email volunteer coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donate to the MCF Theatre Fund

Since inception, the MCF has raised funds to support the Rheem Theatre and we have used some of those funds to re-open the doors. Our needs will continue, both for the operation of the theatre and in the event that we are able to acquire the theatre as a community asset. We are currently focused on replacing the front doors along with some other small repairs with a goal of raising $35,000 this fall. You can help. Donate to the Rheem Theatre Fund by Clicking Here

Join us in thanking the following professionals in our community who have supported the Foundation’s work on the Theatre with pro-bono advice and services:
Republic Services | Larry Blodgett, Lafayette, Blodgett’s Abbey Carpet & Flooring | Gregg Eckstein, Lafayette, Diablo Valley Carpet Care | Goodwin Procter, LLP, San Francisco | TG Hardwood Floors | Alekos Gailas, Moraga, Ariston Heating and Cooling | Jerry Overaa, Lafayette, Overaa & Co. | Kenneth R. Hughes, Structural Engineer, Lafayette | Orchard Supply Hardware, Moraga


Press Release (May 29, 2018): Latest News on the New Rheem Theatre

Rheem Theatre Memorandum of Understanding

The Town Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mahesh Puri, the owner of the Rheem Theatre building. The goals of the MOU include establishing a path for the preservation of the historic Rheem Theatre in recognition of its significance to the community. The MOU includes the re-leasing of the theatre at a lower cost, submission of an application for development of 48 residential units adjacent to the theatre and an expedited review of the project by the Town. The Town is not required to approve the project. However, if the project is approved by the Town, Mr. Puri has agreed to sell the Rheem Theatre to the Moraga Community Foundation for not more than $150,000 in a private transaction.

MCF is working on an agreement with the current owner and is also talking to potential operators to re-open the Rheem Theatre.

MCF is committed to the preservation of the Rheem Theatre as a community asset.

History of the Rheem Theatre:

Architects Cantin & Cantin designed the Rheem Theatre, and it opened in June, 1957. Photos of it were published in the October 19, 1957, issue of Boxoffice Magazine. It was a 1000-seat house with a large stadium section. The auditorium walls featured extensive murals, and the house had what was then the largest installation of rocking chairs in the United States, being the only theater west of the Rockies that was entirely seated with them.

The Rheem was also unusually spacious for its time, with row spacing of 42 to 44 inches, and the seats had extra-wide arm rests. As Gary Parks commented above, despite its late construction date the Rheem had the style of the luxurious Art Moderne theaters of the 1940s; but it also had the spaciousness which has only become standard in recent years, so it was both a throwback and well ahead of its time. The owner of the theater, Donald Rheem, could clearly afford the best of everything, and Cantin & Cantin certainly provided it.

The Moraga Community Foundation is supporting community efforts towards protecting this historic property. In August 2015, the Moraga Community Foundation Board of Directors appointed an ad hoc theater task force to work with others in the community on a plan to preserve the theater’s role in ourcommunity.

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